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The Principle of the Path: Direction, Not Intention, Determines Destination

Anyone who’s been on lots of road trips has been lost at some point, and nobody gets lost on purpose.

Why do we get lost? Because we’ve gone in the wrong direction. We’ve taken a wrong turn. We’re on the wrong path.

Every path has a destination, and even though where we are may not be where we intended to be in the beginning, the fact is we got there because of the path we were on.

Life, much like travel, operates under this simple principle: whatever road you’re on determines your destination, and direction, not intention, determines where you’ll end up.

This week I had the pleasure of introducing a new preaching series at Lake Merced Church discussing the Principle of the Path based on Proverbs 7:



For more preaching like this, visit the westcoastwitness.com Sermon Archive.

Study help: The Principle of the Path by Andy Stanley. Special thanks to Buddy Bell for turning me on to this material.
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How does a person become a Christian?

In continuing through our preaching series on basic doctrines of the Christian faith, yesterday’s lesson at Lake Merced Church was focused on answering this question: How does a person become a Christian?

Here it is:

To listen to further preaching, visit the westcoastwitness.com Sermon Archive.

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