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Dropping the F-Bomb Without Opening Your Mouth

The posted video was shot by someone  from Dry Bones Denver – a ministry serving homeless youth in Denver, CO. I’m a fan.

Check it out:

Starting at 4:15 in … speaking of the homeless:

“You know, cuz we’re just people too … you know, and most people are on the street cuz they feel unloved, unwanted, and rejected. And just be aware that even when you pull up to an intersection and there’s that guy with the sign that’s drunk off his butt with the the flat, broke-in [fbi?] sign – ‘raaah, give me a quarter’ – You know that your reaction to him … you know, you’re not obligated to give him that quarter. You’re not obligated to do a darn thing. But you don’t have to look with your eyes or you body movements in a way that uses profanity to that person.

“What I notice is a lot of Christians will not say the F-bomb with their mouth, but they’ll say it with their eyes and their spirit and their heart. They’ll F-bomb you all day long because you are not what they see as a child of God. So, you know … I don’t know, you’re not obligated to give me a buck or a cigarette or a meal if I ask, but don’t drop the F-bomb. You know?”

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