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Pacifism or Just War?

I’m in the midst of working on a research paper for my Social Ethics class at Fuller.

Here’s my reading list:

A plurality of views is represented by these materials.

Where do you stand?

Are you a pacifist, or do you believe war is a valid option?

If you’re a pacifist, why? If you believe war is valid, in what instances?

What do you believe the Bible teaches regarding pacifism and war?

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Pepperdine Lecture Notes to Come

We’re back in San Francisco after being on the road all day.

The Pepperdine Bible Lectures in Malibu, CA were wonderful! I will be posting notes from a few classes I attended just as I did last year. Keep checking westcoastwitness.com over the course of the next few days if you’re interested in seeing them, or simply subscribe to this blog and get new posts sent directly to your email address or favorite reader- that’s the easiest thing to do.

This was a great event – I will update fully later.

For now I’m going to continue my research into the subject of pacifism for my social ethics class at Fuller. UFC 113 is about to come on, and the fight card is lookin’ good! Must research.

Oh, and don’t forget to call your mother tomorrow and tell her you love her. It’s Mother’s Day!

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