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Another Baptism at Lake Merced Church Today

Another baptism will take place at The Lake Merced Church of Christ in a little bit – this time a gentlemen who came to us as a visitor this past Sunday and was present for Monica’s baptism. I won’t share his name since I haven’t obtained permission, but I invite you to join with us in celebrating his commitment to Christ!

Good job to Paul Fletcher and Paul Crites in sharing the gospel with this new brother.

A preacher wrote on Twitter the other day, “People are the only commodity that can transition to the new heaven, so invest wisely.”

Wise words indeed. The flurry of baptisms we’ve had in the past couple of weeks serve as proof that God is blessing investments made here in San Francisco!

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Another College Student Baptism at Lake Merced – Monica

Airiel and I have enjoyed getting to know Monica over the past few months.

She and I have had some great studies, and yesterday she gave her life to Christ!

It’s wonderful to be part of a church that’s impacting the lives of people.

A good chunk of our congregation was able to show up for Monica’s baptism, and it was hugs all around afterward.

One of the neat things about the Lake Merced Church is the sense of family that’s present … new people can plug in quickly. Monica felt that, and others have as well.

Congrats to Monica – we’re all proud of you!

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