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Free Audio from the 2012 Campus Ministry United Workshop: Wounded Warriors

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Walking the Walk Without Legs

If you liked the film The Butterfly Circus shared with you the other day, then you’ll love this:


“You are a miracle of God for someone else’s salvation …” – great quote full of truth.

Now go and make disciples!

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Former KoRn Member Brian “Head” Welch’s Testimony

Ever experienced a mosh pit at a KoRn concert?

I have.


Head’s testimony reminds me much of my own story … many parallels, including the supernatural experience he speaks of.

Check it out:


If you’re unaware of who KoRn is, understand this: they are a mega-huge thrash-metal band known for their heavy style and brutal lyrics. I grew up with them, and was a huge fan for many years (knick-knack paddy-whack anyone?).

Brian “Head” Welch used to be KoRn’s lead guitarist. He left because he gave his life to Christ, and saw staying with the band as being incompatible with that commitment.

Brian has taken tons and tons and TONS of heat for his decision, but he’s stuck with his commitment to Jesus in the midst of being ridiculed and mocked by former fans.

I have a lot of respect for this guy. Most people aren’t ridiculed at all for making a personal decision to follow Jesus, and how hard is it for most to be truly committed without the ridicule and mockery? It’s not easy! I’ve found that true disciples are a fairly rare breed.

Imagine if everyone had it as rough as Brian … would you be following Jesus today if thousands of people were calling your name screaming about what an idiot you were for continuing to do so?

I find myself being encouraged by Brian’s example – I think you should too.

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