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See the world through their eyes …

I stole this cartoon from Tim Spivey’s blog – he stole it from the San Diego Union Tribune.

Seeing the world through another person’s eyes may open your own.

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Turn It Around, or Put One Between Its Eyes – Tim Spivey on Turnaround Churches

As I mentioned here, I’ll be archiving resources to help with church revitalization efforts on westcoastwitness.com.

Tim Spivey has been writing a series on Turnaround Churches, and so far he’s made five entries.

I’m not sure if more are coming or not (since he hasn’t answered my question about that :p), but here are those that have been posted so far:

  1. Turnaround Churches – Intro
  2. Turnaround Churches pt. 1 – Diagnosis and Humility
  3. Turnaround Churches pt. 2 – Spiritual Renewal
  4. Turnaround Churches pt. 3 – Mission
  5. Turnaround Churches pt. 4 – Structure
  6. Turnaround Churches pt. 5 – Fresh Air
  7. Turnaround Churches pt. 6 – Leadership

I could only locate parts 1-4 of this series, but they’re numbered through five. It appears that either #3 is missing, or Tim made a mistake in the numbering.

Anyway, I encourage you to read these entries – good stuff.

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Notes From the Pepperdine Lectures – Tim Spivey

Notes from Tim Spivey’s class – “The Word Made Flesh” – Friday, 8:30AM

  • A lot of church consultants and resource people talk about “closing the back door of your church,” but if your church is functioning properly it will always have people who leave.
  • Spiritually healthy people tend to leave unhealthy churches, spiritually unhealthy people tend to leave healthy churches.
  • “The body is made to pass waste” (lol)
  • The body has an immune system – when the immune system erodes, the body gets sick.
  • “Nobody says cancer deserves a place in the body!”
  • If a core person leaves – a person who helps form the spiritual backbone of your church – then something may be wrong with the health of your church. But if someone leaves who is uninvolved or is a constant complainer/troublemaker, then the body is simply functioning as it should.
  • Moral: your church may need more fiber.

I only caught the tail end of this class (I actually showed up early for the class that was to be in that room next), but enjoyed what I heard. I’m not sure if those bullet points were part of his main lecture on “The Word Made Flesh,” or if he was saying those things in response to a question (I think he may have been answering a question).

Check out Tim’s review of the Pepperdine lectures. He’s right, the Pepperdine Lectures have no rival.

More notes from other classes coming in future posts.

Happy Monday!

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