Birthday parties at 3:30 in the morning …

Because you need to see this again (or perhaps for the first time):

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3 thoughts on “Birthday parties at 3:30 in the morning …

  1. Greg says:

    Hi, Wes. I’ve heard of Campolo and saw another of his videos before, but I was surprised how lightly he spoke of prostitutes and how easily foul language came out of his mouth. I know Jesus uses folks of all kinds, and I glossed it over.

    But then, when the video was over, one of the other related videos was of Campolo being interviewed about gay people. I could not believe he called homosexuality an “orientation” that would not matter in Heaven. It wasn’t until the last minute that he made any reference to sin. And even then, he grossly misrepresented the call by Jesus to take the beam out of our own eye, before addressing the sliver in our neighbor’s eye, and was basically saying that we never have any right to say that someone else is sinning.

    I don’t know what your views are, but my view of Campolo has greatly diminished.

  2. WesWoodell says:

    I didn’t notice any language I would term ‘foul’ in this video unless you’re talking about ‘whore’ – in that case, you need to throw any KJV Bibles in your house away :p

    You have a link to that other video you’re talking about? I wouldn’t mind giving it a watch.

  3. Greg says:

    Hi, Wes. I’m not going to watch it again (too long), but I remember there being another word in there… could be wrong. Still, just because it’s in the KJV, it doesn’t mean it’s OK for a Christian to utter it, unless they’re quoting scripture (the ‘a–‘ word comes to mind).

    The other video was in the list of related videos listed by YouTube, after your video ends. Here is the URL:

    I sensed some deep moral relativism, as he kept restating that your opinion changes, after you get to know the person. That’s like saying, “Sure, you think murder’s bad now, but why don’t you take the time to get to know some murderers first, you judgmental bigot?!”

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