Another Baptism Last Night – Congrats to Genny

Excited for Genny – another member of the Lake Merced Church of Christ college group baptized into Christ on January 13, 2010. 🙂

After the baptism our group went out to eat at a local restaurant where a waitress carrying a drink tray spilled nearly the entire thing on Jodie, and a few minutes later a waiter spilled a bowl of salsa on Nathaniel. What are the odds?!?

So in addition to Genny’s baptism at the church, we had two more baptisms at the restaurant. I guess you could say we had three baptisms last night, and two of them were hilarious. Ha!

Anyway, we’re all very excited about Genny. Congrats again! Hers is the fifth baptism we’ve had in the college ministry since late June.

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3 thoughts on “Another Baptism Last Night – Congrats to Genny

  1. Jim Woodell says:

    Congratulations to Genny and all of the College Group there for being an effective, inviting ministry! What a thrill!! Keep up the good work.

  2. Scott Johnson says:

    Congrats Genny! Welcome to the family! Keep working Wes, God is using you to do amazing things!

  3. Wonderful, exciting, encouraging. Welcome Genny into a family that love you. It’s good to have another sister and friend. Looking forward to meeting you.
    Wes, sorry I’m missing Pensacola Beach. I’m sending one from the Bahamas.

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