Free Audio from the 2010 Sonshine State Experience

The 2010 Sonshine State Experience in Gainesville, FL was great! Seven campus ministries came together to enjoy food, fellowship, worship, late-night campfire singing, smores, and, of course, studying the Word at the Florida Bible Camp this year.

Thank you to Donny Dillon, the campus minister serving The University of Florida through Gators for Christ, for inviting me to participate in 2010 – it was a rich experience.

Buddy Bell, preaching minister for the Landmark Church of Christ in Montgomery, AL, did an outstanding job as usual. I’m going back to San Francisco with a pad chocked full of notes taken during his lessons. Coming from one who had his young faith shaped greatly by Buddy (back when I was a student), it was a privilege and an honor to get to teach alongside him over the weekend.

As promised, here are the lessons:

  1. Buddy Bell – “Staying on the Path” (41:30) PowerPoint

  2. Buddy Bell – “Avoiding Spiritual A.D.D.” (40:34) PowerPoint

  3. Buddy Bell – “A Little Help From My Friends” (45:12) PowerPoint

  4. Wes Woodell – “Staying Power: Christ-Centered Identity” (47:47) PowerPoint; Life Map Handout

  5. Wes Woodell – “How to Lose Your Faith: An Experiment in Evil” (41:49) PowerPoint; Class Outline

  6. Wes Woodell – “Staying Power: Seven Secrets of Fired Up Faith” (43:52) PowerPoint

Feel free to share these with anyone you believe would benefit from them.

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Have a great Monday!

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3 thoughts on “Free Audio from the 2010 Sonshine State Experience

  1. mattdabbs says:

    Wish I could have been there 😦

  2. Josh Freeman says:

    Thanks for posting these Wes! They’ve been uplifting brother!

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