Metropolitan Fresh Start in The Christian Chronicle

Have you received the June 2010 edition of  The Christian Chronicle?

In it is a story about my friends Kinwood and Sam Devore highlighting their work with Metropolitan Fresh Start – a recovery ministry based here in San Francisco (you may remember the previous post made about this ministry).

Kinwood and Sam are doing great work, and Lake Merced’s college group is planning to do some service projects with them.

If you don’t have the print edition, check out the online version of the story posted here: Drug addicts make a Fresh Start.

Kinwood and Sam – keep up the good work! God is using you mightily!

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2 thoughts on “Metropolitan Fresh Start in The Christian Chronicle

  1. Appreciate the shout-out for the Chronicle story, Wes, and really appreciate you getting up so early that morning to take me over there!

  2. WesWoodell says:

    My pleasure Bobby – thanks for doing the story 🙂

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