Elisha’s Double Portion & God-Centered Ambition

New sermon up from 2 Kings 2.

We’re in the midst of a transitional period at the Lake Merced Church of Christ, and just happened to be dealing with Elisha in our sermon series this past week.

Last Sunday I preached the story of Elijah’s passing the torch to Elisha, and the relevance this story has in our lives and in the life of the Lake Merced Church today.

Listen here:

To listen to more preaching, visit the WCW Sermon Archive.

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4 thoughts on “Elisha’s Double Portion & God-Centered Ambition

  1. Jim Woodell says:

    Good sermon, good delivery, great challenge. May God bless your ministry at Lake Merced!

  2. ATF says:

    Righteous, my friend. I can’t wait to see you at Cocoa Beach, and Airiel and your kids if they are coming.

    I loved the contrast you talked about between Elisha and Jonah and having the right attitude about ministry. It’s absurd that our ambition is easily evoked by worldly things, but stubborn towards God’s work.

    It’s like my man Thomas a Kempis once said, “For a pittance men will travel a great distance, but for eternal life many will scarcely take a single step.”

    But I can see that this weakness is being overcome by our campus ministries, and God is working something fierce.

  3. WesWoodell says:

    Thanks dad.

    Aaron – looking forward to seeing you too. It’s going to be fun 🙂

  4. Aaron Miller says:

    Thanks for sharing the Word, Wes. I’ve been blessed to listen to you once again.

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